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Robert Cuccaro

Hi, I’m Robert, president and financial advisor of IntegraRisk. For over a decade, I’ve worked diligently to create a proactive management relationship with clients that’s built on empathy and understanding. My motivation comes from providing people with unique solutions and seeing what they can accomplish through sound financial planning.

I enjoy seeing how the financial landscape is constantly changing, and what my clients and I can do to adapt seamlessly to evolving environments. While I serve as a guide and teacher, I also enjoy being a constant learner and applying new ideas to my clients’ current or future needs.

At IntegraRisk, I help individuals and couples in a wide variety of fields including educators and school district employees, small business owners, and more. Wherever you are in life, my philosophy is that it’s never too late to start planning. 

From a young age, I saw first-hand the value of cash flow and risk management. My dad owned an animal hospital. If he couldn’t take appointments because of illness or bad weather, he didn’t get paid. And when he broke his hip, I learned why income protection like disability insurance was critical for business owners like him. These are lessons I’ve kept with me throughout my career when working one-on-one with clients.

I originally earned a bachelor’s in English from Stony Brook University before going back for my MBA Finance in 2016. Today, I stay involved on the Alumni Association Board of Directors and serve as chairman on various committees. In addition, I’m a member of the Society of Financial Service Professionals local chapter.

If you ask my friends and family to sum me up in a few words, you might hear that I’m a bit sarcastic with a great sense of humor. I tend to talk quite a bit about my loving wife, Karen, our cats, organic garden, biking, and my Peloton. My family and I currently reside in Bohemia, NY and enjoy its friendly atmosphere and local access to state parks.

Now that you’ve gotten to know more about me, I look forward to learning more about you. Feel free to give me a call anytime, I’d be happy to see what I can do for you.